Falling in love with yourself

Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.

Have you ever thought about Falling in love with yourself ? How is it to accept yourself as it is ? What if you believed in yourself so much that; what ever any one said – would not matter. You accept yourself wholly and with your complete heart. Will it not be wonderful ? Beautiful in fact – when you think about

Falling in love with yourself

I was reading about some posts that have been written on account of Valentine’s Day and I found hundreds of them. Some about kind of gifts you can gift, where to go, what to wear, how to get ready. But I did not want to write something similar. Suddenly – it hit me, i knew what I was going to write about – it had to be Falling in love with yourself

So, what is the deal about Falling in love with yourself ? Why is it Important ?

♥ Your Happiness Matters –

If you are not happy from your soul, it is very difficult to actually interact with people around you. Since, you are not happy from inside, it is tough to see someone else being happy and accomplishing what they want. This is in turn results in jealousy and false assumptions.

♥ Your Confidence –

When you feel confident about your abilities, character – that exudes itself as confidence. Every word that you see, as seen as conviction and everyone tends to look up to you.

♥ Your outlook to life is positive –

Well, this needs no introduction. When you are full of possibilities and you trust them with complete determination – then you turn your life into a positive one.

♥ Decrease in Stress –

When you love yourself, you will fundamentally see a decrease in your stress levels. You will wake up happy, stay active and spend your life excited about what good life may bring you. Your Mental health will drastically improve

♥ Happiness Inside – Shine outside –

No cream or lotion in this world can make you glow – like the love and happiness from inside. The hormones work in a perfect tandem and it inherently brings a glow to your face. You will see an improvement in the way your skin, hair and body feels.

♥ Better equipped to handle anxiety –

Falling in love with yourself and accepting yourself just the way you are, helps you get mentally ready for any trouble / mishap that you may have to face. You can think clearly and the perspective is much clearer.

How to make Falling in love with yourself possible ?

♥ Talk to yourself everyday

♥ Visualize the life you want

♥ Make an action plan towards it

♥ Stay committed

♥ Scknowledge the failures

♥ Make an action plan towards it

♥ Be accountable for your actions

♥ Ask for help who you consider a MENTOR – talk to them alternate days or mentally

♥ Do not beat yourself up, take time out to celebrate every little success

Well, nothing comes easy and Falling in love with yourself is not going to be a cake walk either. With persistence and patience everything can be achieved. It is said that it takes minimum 21 days to form a habit and hence put this into practice and see a new facet of your life.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU ! Do not forget to love yourself first, before you go and wish someone else today !

Until next time – take care, stay connected with me and God Bless.


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15 thoughts on “Falling in love with yourself

  1. A must read post for all the teenages.. a very well written article..I am gonna share this with my friends too..

  2. Self love is imp and the good parts of it that you have mentioned are true. I do all the things that make me happy because I love myself too.
    Nice post dear.. 🙂

  3. This is what I’m all about! Loving yourself should be a #1 priority at all times. It is something that has to be put into action daily so it can be come a habit. But with some many other outside responsibilities, we forget ourselves.

  4. That was a good read. I agree that you need to love yourself first. So when the right person comes, you now know the kind of love you truly deserve. 🙂

  5. I absolutely love this. Loving myself has been a journey and I’m not there 100% yet, but way closer than I was before. I always thought it was kind of corny to love yourself, but really, it’s vital! Relationships flourish when we practice self-love. And I love the Louise Hay quote! Her book, You Can Heal Your Life, has been one of my saving graces! Thank you so much for the reminder that loving ourselves is one of the most unselfish things we can ever do for ourselves.

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