5 Ways to calm down when your kids drive you crazy

Staying calm in a situation, where your child is throwing a tantrum or has messed up a situation is no easy task. Sometimes, it just feels so overwhelming and a task that looks daunting.

I recall, going absolutely crazy one time. My house was a mess ( nothing new ), I had tons of work, was not feeling great and my little one was behaving really weird. My elder one did something – and it felt like I was having the biggest and the worst meltdown of my life. 

Read my – 5 Ways to calm down when your kids drive you crazy

Number 1 – Letting my kids know I am really angry

This is something I have realized lately, that when I let my kids know that I am angry, and I am not liking the situation, they tend to step back. They do not want the monster mummy to come out and shout at them, and hence I guess that scares them to an extent and it works.

Number 2 – Leaving the situation

When my kids are having meltdowns, if I feel, I am losing my calm and patience – I leave the room for just 1-2 minutes, go out and breathe. I usually say a quick prayer so that my inner peaceful ninja kicks in and I can go back and make sense of what is happening.

Number 3 – Listen to your anger

Sometimes when you are very angry – you have no idea what you are speaking. We speak out of pure anger, not realizing this – the impact it puts on young minds. I have been a huge culprit here myself, but thankfully – I have worked out on this. 

Number 4 – Say sorry – when you are wrong

Maybe as a parent – You feel like you do not owe an apology to your children, but believe me what I say this – your Kids completely relate and respect you more when you show your side to them.

They understand that you made a mistake and it reinforces the idea to them that making mistakes is OK,  but what’s important is that you correct it. 

Number 5 – If you constantly, find you stay angry/upset, its time to get professional help

Asking for help is something we do not do often. I went into depression in 2013 and thankfully, I took professional help from a counselor who helped me overcome my fears and sadness. If not for that help, I do not think I would be in the place I am today. 

I have always mentioned in my blogs – time and again – Parenting comes with its own share of ups and downs. As a parent, I may be having a very good day today, but it might also be possible that I may have a crappy day tomorrow. Weigh your options and choose your battles. 

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Every time you get upset/angry – make it a learning opportunity.  If you’re a really fast learner, you will NOT repeat the same mistakes twice. 

some times we just need someone to listen to us, maybe you need to vent out, OR maybe you need expert advice, maybe you need counseling to heal your own childhood issues so you can love yourself unconditionally. 

Start now, today, by taking some action to move forward.  It’s your moral accountability as a parent to show up for your child. But it’s your spiritual responsibility as an adult to stand up for yourself. 


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17 thoughts on “5 Ways to calm down when your kids drive you crazy

  1. I find it useful to leave when I’m angry and I do let the kids know that. Apologising when at fault is important since it instils the same qualities in kids too.

  2. A much needed post for a mom of superactive todler.. phewww… I am currently practising point number 3. Listening to my anger..

  3. This post has all what a parent needs it when they are angry. Yes I agree we need to be cautious while we are angry as we may say the things which does harm in long run.

  4. Saying sorry when you are wrong actually sends the right message to your little ones. Loved the post, taking a walk when I am really angry works for me 🙂

  5. Very nice post Princy! I do agree, kids realise, Mumma is angry now so this is the time to sit quietly for few minutes and trust me they sit quietly only for good 2 mins.

  6. I do agree that we should leave when they are making you angry and sit quietly to realise what really makes you angry…I do the same!!

  7. Haha when I read the title I was like.. Oh this is perfect.. Every mom goes through this.. But its great and helpful to look deeper into our selves and see how we are handling the situation keeping in mind the points you’ve shared. So thank you.

    1. Very nice post Princy! I do agree, kids realise, Mumma is angry now so this is the time to sit quietly for few minutes and trust me they sit quietly only for good 2 mins.

  8. When my child drives me up to the wall I pass him to the nearest help available. Take a 10 minutes break or drink a glass of water. Then join him again.When no help is available I state Maa is tired and might get angry, can you please help Maa. Most of the time it works. Also, I do believe in saying sorry when am wrong with the child.
    Thanks for sharing these ideas Princy.

  9. The concept of seeking professional help is still not that popular in our country. But yes, it does help a lot in understanding ones mood patterns. Just in case one does not wish to seek professional help, then meditation automatically works on your mood swings and helps you get your gears in grip.

  10. Saying Sorry when you are wrong is very important and often overlooked. There is no harm in accepting our mistake. listening to your anger is something we forget and in that state of mind we often say things which we are not supposed to say. In fact I feel, many rules are similar what applies on kids when it comes to handling frustration.


  11. Great tips. I find a good way to calm down is to just take a step back, pause and take a deep breath. It helps ensure that I don’t end up saying something I regret later. Also if I do end up saying something, I always make it a point to say sorry just as you have mentioned. It is important even at this age of 3 years for my child to understand that we should take ownership for our mistakes.

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