Christmas & my Childhood Memories

Feliz Navidad! Let me take you down a memory lane through my childhood – a memory of Christmas close and cherished to my soul. One that is etched down till the last nerve in my body.

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December is my favorite of all the months of the year. It brings back some of the most cherished memories of my childhood with my family. Join me, as I take you down the memory lane. 

Christmas preparations began at least a month earlier. Decorating the house was the first facet of it and would fire the excitement and anticipation of the month-long fun.


We would be busy decking the Christmas tree with ornaments, hunting shops for new decoration pieces or banner, getting greeting cards that were to be sent to family and friends – living in India and abroad. The bulk order of cake that was given to the baker, the shopping spree of new dresses for the family and the cheer that was in the house leading into the New Year. I remember clearly, how my house used to be rife with awesomeness!

I used to wake up to Christmas carols playing in our house every morning and that’s how our December mornings dawned. I went to a Christian school, so the fervor doubled. It was all Christmas everywhere!

Listening to my father speak about Christmas

Christmas & my Childhood Memories

My father was a pastor in an independent church and hence he headed the Christmas program for the church. Right from my childhood days, I loved singing and so I was part of the Christmas carol group. I remember – how for days together we would rehearse carols – making sure that songs hit the right note and the group was singing in tune together. We would plan days ahead of which houses we would visit and means of reaching them. 

Carol Singing

The cabs were booked, and the song sheets printed. The carol singing would start from 20th dec and would stretch to 23th of December, and every day we would start at 5:30 PM in the evening. We would move from door to door and the singing would continue until wee hours of the morning as we covered houses of family, friends and church members. 

We took guitars, gongs, flutes, drums, and tambourines with us where ever we went it would an absolute spectacle of a show. You can imagine the noise we created as we sang as ONE – with our hearts full, hands moving in rhythm to musical instruments our feets tapping, 

Play the below video to get a glimpse of the fun people to have during Christmas carols – 

 It gets pretty cold in December in my hometown “Ludhiana” – Punjab. As the temperature dipped further in the night, our throats would give up, but our spirits soared. The excitement of going into homes – and singing on top of our voices was anything beyond comparable. The singing would come to an end at our house as my father was the head of the church.

Christmas & my Childhood Memories

The Christmas Eve

The church congregation would meet on 24th December evening for an evening of service. We would sing carols. Children and adults would take part in skits that showcased the birth of Jesus Christ. It was about celebrating the essence of Christmas. My father would preach the sermon that he had prepared beforehand. For those of who do not know what a sermon is – According to google – A sermon is an oration, lecture, or talk by a member of a religious institution or clergy. Sermons address a Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topic.

Christmas & my Childhood Memories
Christmas & my Childhood Memories

The service would conclude after midnight with all of us wishing Merry Christmas to each other. A round of hugs and kisses for all the children. Next Day – Christmas Day, we would be in our homes celebrating it with immediate family. On Christmas Day, most families visit the church and then prefer to stay in their homes. It’s all about the togetherness and love on this day.

Christmas & my Childhood Memories

My mother used to bake a cake at home, and it is one it still is the most beautiful childhood memory I have.

Christmas & my Childhood Memories
Christmas & my Childhood Memories

Christmas is almost here – and I am super nostalgic about these sweet memories. Every year, I try to recreate these memories with my family; but unfortunately, I am unable to do so. I am attaching some of my favourite Chfavoritearols, hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I do every single time 🙂

I hope that someday; my children would be able to experience the joy, fervor, festivities of Christmas like I did.

My son Agamveer, participating  in his first church play

What are your favorite Christmas Childhood Memories? Share with me, how you celebrate and what are your favorite childhood memories of your family. 

I hope you enjoyed walking down the memory lane with me through this post.

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Until next time – God Bless YOU 

Merry Christmas from our family to Yours 

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30 thoughts on “Christmas & my Childhood Memories

  1. I too have very fond memories Christmas celebrations.. Somehow the Christmas Carol singing as groups from building to building has completely stopped and I miss that the most…

  2. Awww this was straight from the heart and I loved reading it. Thank you for sharing such wonderful childhood memories with us through your pics and writing 🙂

  3. What a beautiful way to chronicle the joys of Christmas. Thank you for this personal memoir of sorts and letting us into your life.

    Happy holiday season.

    Kind Regards,

  4. How beautiful that baby and the Christmas tree! Christmas is truly a joyous season and just yesterday one church band came to our door and sang beautiful Christmas carol..

  5. I love the nostalgia of Christmas past! I remember circling everything under the sun in the Sears Wishbook so that Santa would know would I wanted. My first Christmas memory ever is the year I got my first little rocking chair. I was maybe 3. I have a photo of it with me holding my favorite doll. Priceless, really. Thanks for sharing your memories! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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