Homework Routine for your children that WORKS

Homework Routine for your children that WORKS

As much as homework is an important aspect of going to school, you may find children do not really find it interesting. For some it is just plain boring and for some , they just do not want to get back into this schedule. After all it is not their fault. They spend almost 7-8 hours in school everyday , and after coming back – all they want to do is more play and no studies; and that is precisely why a Homework Routine for your children that WORKS is imperative. In this post, I’ll share some simple ideas that helped me over come this issue that I was facing at home. Doing homework everyday not only teaches children how to manage time but also ensures that their homework is done timely.

If this is your first time facing this issue – do not fret. This is not as difficult as you think it is. Let me take you through some “doable” list of things that can help you set a Homework Routine for your children that WORKS

Communication – Nothing can beat a good rapport communication with your children. Children feel that they are not being understood and hence the tug of war between you and your children. Let them know why this is important and how it will benefit them. Do this everyday so that they understand the importance and urgency behind it. Give them options – like different time frames , or different chapters. Make it sound simple and doable. NEVER bribe them so that they will complete their homework. A bribe will do more bad than any good.

Homework Routine for your children that WORKS.

Repetition – Anything that is done over and over again, at the same time, tends to become a habit. Its popularly known that any thing that is done for 21 days – becomes a habit and then becomes a life style. Do not pressurize them, but joyfully let them get into this routine. Make evenings fun by enticing them by cooking their favorite snacks or start with their most favorite subject. The idea is for homework to be done efficiently and without you having to yell or get upset with your children.

Break it down – Make things always simple for your children. Break the homework down in segments , so that it is easier for them to follow and complete. Always make them write what they are learning. Writing helps the children to retain home work more. In case they cannot / do not want to write, make them write difficult words and practice them and let them use these words regularly in their daily conversation.

Homework Routine for your children that WORKS.

Participate in the process – Your children may find his homework daunting. Ask and talk them about it. Offer to help and simplify the process. Give them tips and tricks how to learn a certain word / sentence faster. It’s important that your child does not associate the homework routine with feelings of frustration, inadequacy and helplessness. Your positive participation will also act as a reward and will help to reinforce the routine.

Reward them – Bribing and rewarding are both different. When you bribe – children do something ONLY because they want the bribe, but when you reward them – it keeps them motivated. Do not make it about material rewards, or it does not have to be something huge. Make it as simple – extra play time, extra TV, favorite food at dinner, their favorite milk shake or more time at the park playing. As the schedule and habit keeps building of — Homework Routine for your children, consider minimizing the rewards.

Homework Routine for your children that WORKS.

Encourage and Motivate – Speak kind words, and motivate them to do better when you see them following their routine themselves. Specially – when you see a skill that got better, understanding something on their own, getting a feedback from school / teacher or improvement in grades. If they were not able to do good, do not demotivate them or speak negative about this. Criticism may not always work. Help your children develop the courage to have a “frank and fearless” view of their mistakes.

Last but not that last > Its your child’s homework and not yours. Do not get too much involved in it too much. Once they are 6-7 years old, encourage self study. Keep supervising and helping where required.

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How do you help your children do homework ? Do share your tips and tricks as well with me.

I hope the article Homework Routine for your children that WORKS was of help to you and you will be able to implement some of the tips given.

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13 thoughts on “Homework Routine for your children that WORKS

  1. These are some very useful tips. It is important to build up a good and positive relationship with homework. I like the fact that you have covered no bribing. I see many people do it and I really wonder what values we are teaching the kids in this way.

  2. I am a nanny and getting kids to do homework is such a struggle. We try to make it part of a routine, but they get so easily distracted. I will be using some of these tips.

  3. Great recommendations, we use most of them. I have to with 3 boys. it’s hard if we push it too late into the evening due to sports or other family commitments. Once they are tired and we are tired, our patience runs out. But these are great foundational principles.

  4. One of my favorite points you made in this post is the importance of communication. I don’t have kids but I can remember how much I desired to be understood and communicated with throughout grade school.

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