Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D

As a parent, when ever it was time to buy toys for my children, I wanted it to be not just fun for my children, but also have an educational aspect and wanted it be long-lasting; something that can be used again and again. Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D fulfilled exactly what i was looking for and my children enjoy it thoroughly. 

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D is a one of a kind educational game that brings the zoo animals in 4D for your children. Children can see how the animals move, listen to their sounds and can watch them move, which is impossible in a real life zoo. This game provides augmented reality for children.

Why Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D ? 

Scientists have proved that children learn better by visualizing and interacting with objects or text. They create immersive learning experiences through augmented reality to help children learn better and faster.

> Children learn about animals through playing. This can be used by children from ages 2-10 years old. 

> Kids can visualize the real animals and can relate to what they see on TV or outside. Most of the times, children do not retain the information but with this game, it is easy and retain-able. 

> Since its interactive, this is all the more enjoyable and fun for them. It is a smarter way to experience animals and their behaviors. 

Contents of the Box 

  • 32 animal cards
  • 1 scratch code for activation
  • mobile / tablet stand
  • Carry pouch for travel

How to Use Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D

  • Install Aurodo pocket zoo 4D app in your android/ IOS device by going to the market place or play store
  • Activate your android or IOS device using code by scratching the scratch card given 
  • Scan the animal card and enjoy the 4D appearance of the animals

My Experience with Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D

We have had wonderful experiences when ever we have visited zoo and to have a virtual zoo in the comfort of my house, was something that I was personally looking forward to. My children jumped upon this opportunity and have spent hours role-playing an adventure in the zoo. As a parent, watching my kids play and understand animals like this is totally rewarding. Anything that provides practical learning is a thumps up from my end and augmented reality game exactly does that.

Watch the below video of how Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D works

Buy Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D

Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D is available online at Amazon and its own website at affordable prices.


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  1. I am also a firm believer of investing in an educational toy. A very informative post about Aurodo Pocket Zoo 4D. Will buy for my toddler too.

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