The Science of Happiness

The Science of Happiness is as unique as every human being on this planet and it means different things to different people. If someone asked you today ” are you happy”? What will you answer? How do you define happiness? Is it your family? fame? money? Or being independent? What does truly make you happy? Can you remain happy always, and every day? Take a minute, close your eyes and try to answer these questions.

The Science of Happiness – The Art of Life

In psychology, happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. (Reference – Wikipedia). Since time immemorial – doctors, psychologists, theologians have tried to decipher the significance and connotation for happiness. In fact, since 1990, we have a branch of science dedicated to psychology, where scientists try and study subjects such as this.

Happiness is a downy impression. For some, it means to have a quality life, while for some it may mean well being, while for some it may mean contentment with what one has. Research suggests that it is actually a combination of many things. The Science of Happiness depends on personal ways of thinking and expressing feeling and being content with what you have.

The Pursuit of Science of Happiness

Like everything on this planet, happiness needs practice. The more you put it into practice, the more you are likely to excel at it. Let me tell you this is not easy, but this is not impossible either. While there can never be an ideal concatenation to attain happiness, here are some simple 10 essentials to experiencing happiness in life

#1 – Expectations – This is number 1 happiness serial killer across the globe. We are humans and expect a lot from everyone around us. Unfortunately when someone blows our bubble of expectation – our world shatters and we are driven down the drain of stress and sadness. Expect Less – Stay Happy! Try this today and you WILL see a result.

#2 – Human Relationships – You cannot survive alone. Let us face the ultimate truth. I know many of us are loners and enjoy their own company rather than being in groups. You do not need a huge group – just your loved ones are enough. Call them, write to them, send a gift, surprise them and you will feel boundless energy and happiness.

#3 – Kindness – Someone said – Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Be Kind, humble and gentle. Next time stop and help someone you see struggling. You probably cannot fathom the depth of happiness that a random gesture of kindness can bring.

The Science of Happiness

#4 – Gratitude – This does not come easily to us. When was the last time when you actually closed your eyes and felt humble and grateful for the things, relationships, blessings in your life? Let me divulge out a little secret here – My perspective of happiness changed when I started acknowledging the blessings in my life, no matter how small they were.

#5 – Healthy Life Choices – The 3 basics of good health are – a good night’s sleep, balanced nutrition, and a regular exercise routine. When you feed your body better, you can expect it to respond to the goodness. Just by bringing these simple changes in your life – you can let go of stress, health problems, and mental issues. Get on a schedule and see a positive change in your life.

#6 – Music – Studies reveal that listening to 5-6 songs in a day can change your perspective to the day. It keeps you happy, upbeat and energized. So next time – when you are feeling lost, unhappy or stressed – put your favorite numbers and let the unhappy feelings melt away.

Ways to find The Science of Happiness

#7 – Hug More – I have experienced this personally when I hug my husband, it sends a rush of happiness in me. Researchers say that hugging makes you feel better as a result of activation of release of Oxycontin and serotonin ( the good, happy hormones ) in your body. So, today hug more. It is not just you, but also others who are reaping the benefits of this.

#8 – Self-acceptance – With the rise of body shaming, gender / color discrimination , many of us struggle to accept ourselves. Of course accepting yourself in your own eyes is a long term habit, but any little step taken towards loving yourself is a big step towards happiness. You are unique and made for a purpose.

#9 – Be open to change – Humans are hard-wired to resist change and it is immensely challenging. But what do you gain out of a change ? – You personally grow, adapt to new situations quicker, you become stronger mentally and your progress. Next time, embrace the change and don’t resist.

#10 – Accept your situation – There are times when your situation may not be what you had imagined it to be. Do not remain stuck, look for a solution, ask for help and get out of there. Take your time and contemplate and don’t let it pull your happiness away.

Happiness is in your hands, it’s just the way you look at it. Find what works best for you.

Always remember life is a journey and not a destination and so is your happiness.

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25 thoughts on “The Science of Happiness

  1. This is a great read. I agree that the number one cause of unhappiness is expectations. And thanks forthe tip about music… there are days when i dont hear anything but the sound of my voice.

  2. Very beautifully written! These acts can bring major changes and happiness to our lives. Didn’t know there was science behind happiness but I agree with all the points.


  3. Such a lovely post and a reminder to self that kindness, gratitude, healthy choices, self acceptance and being open to change can bring such positive and big changes to our lives. Beautiful Article!


  4. This is something everyone needs to read asap! People have definitely forgotten what it means to be happy. All they do is run in this rat race and on winning they confuse it for happiness!

  5. very well written…totally agree with your points of expectation… more..self acceptance…these are all tried n tested n very of the points i will definetly try in my life .☺☺

  6. Such a happy post with full of positivity. Loved all the tips and agree with each one too. Number one tip which says Expect Less and Stay Happy is really true but the most difficult one to follow. Lovely post!

  7. I absolutely loved reading this post. Over burdening ourselves with work has led to an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress kills is slowly but surely. Neither can you laugh nor can you emote and this post is absolutely share worthy. Happiness train is a hit with me already. How do I follow more posts of the train?

  8. Gratitude is the new attitude and the more happiness you share ,it spreads like slime so let’s share more happiness . And yes I didn’t knew so much science is behind the happiness . thanks a lot for making me aware of the same .

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