Things to attract positivity into your home

We all know that everything around is a balance of good and bad energy, some choose to call it yin and yang, while some call it God and devil, while some call it – good and evil. Whatever you choose to call it, we can always feel this energy. Some days are just dull while some days are just pure energy bursting at the seams. There are days when you are so down that you just can’t get things done and during that time, changing something just feels impossible. Actually, it can actually be easy, to know how? Keep reading 5 Things to attract positivity into your home

Feng shui is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Read more about it HERE

Things to attract positivity into your home

With all the stress surrounding our lives, it’s very easy to feel demotivated and withdrawn from our lives. Our home is our peaceful abode where we can feel happy, or at peace from the chaos of the world. Just by making simple changes to your home décor you can attract positive vibes and this can change your personality as well.

We are not talking about designing your house again or renovating your home, but just by keeping certain objects you can ensure that you attract good energy into your homes. According to  Feng Shui by Bridget, “Feng shui is about creating a space that’s not only pleasing to your eye but also pleasing to all your senses so that your home supports and enriches your life,”

De clutter –

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This is one of the first Things to attract positivity into your home and simplest of all the chores. It’s believed in many cultures that clutter brings negative energy plus it’s not a pretty sight. Everyone likes a well maintained and a clean home. Throw away your broken household items and clear trash every day. Clutter is believed to stop the positive energy flow and creates stagnation and tiredness. Having stagnant energy in your home is like pushing a mammoth rock up a hill and having it roll back on you each time you stop to rest. Everything requires lots of extreme force and energy

Sunshine –

One of the second things to attract positivity into your home is Sunshine. It is known to be a good & a healing energy. its said that energy of sunshine stays within us throughout the day. Open the doors and windows of sunshine to seep into your home. Every morning let the sunshine and daylight fill your home. Sunshine is also good for your health as it has vitamin D in it and an early dose of 20-25 minutes is suggested for everybody. in case if you feel, the light is too much or it’s getting hot, you can use curtains or drapes.

Fountain –

Fountains are a part of bringing positivity to your home and one of the many things to attract positivity into your home. They bring the vibrancy and energy of the water. In Feng Shui, water is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Every living thing on earth relies on water for life. The sound of flowing water is not only peaceful but also brings calmness to you. You can choose any kind of fountains. They can be made of any material, such as alloy, rock, timber, ceramic, plastic, and even concrete. Choose a fountain that has a silent motor as well as a design that is easy to maintain and clean.

Potted Plants –

Potted plants are another Things to attract positivity into your home. It is essential to attract positivity into your home. Plants not only beautify your home but also bring positive energy. They are like tiny babies who need constant attention and care. You can get indoor plants if you want to keep this low maintenance. Keep bamboo plant on the desk where you work. This also signifies growth.

Keep your décor lively and colorful. Dark shades tend to make us dull and energy-less, where a burst of yellow, green, silver, sky blue or violet can instantly lift up your spirits. You can use choose to keep Bamboo Palm, Rubber Plant, English Ivy, Peace Lily, Boston Fern from many other.

Essential oils-

Last but not the least Things to attract positivity into your home are essential oils. These can also help you lift up your mood They are connected to our senses and play a vital role in changing our emotions. Oils that have citrus scents like Orange, Lemon, and Tangerine help uplift the mood. You can also try from the mint family like Peppermint and Spearmint. Use a personal inhaler if you cannot get a spray bottle or an infuser.

Things to attract positivity into your home

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7 thoughts on “Things to attract positivity into your home

  1. I always like how good I feel after decluttering. Sunshine always lifts our mood. Here in the UK, we have sunshine till 9pm in summer and we feel motivated and energetic in summers. However , winters are so depressing as the gets dark after 2pm.
    I really want to get a fountain for my house.

  2. surely an amazing blog post. I recently bought potted plants and i could feel an instant change in the atmosphere at my home.

  3. Hi this is one absolutely essential post in my view I agree to most of the points and except for potted plants I have tried and tested all the methods suggested here and it does bring positivity according to me as well

  4. I totally loved reading this article …there was some great tips here .. I have been using the essential oils regularly and they definitely have a very positive effect on me I do use them every night before sleeping I just use a couple of drops on my bedsheet or pillow cover and it definitely uplifts my mood .

  5. Decluttring is surely a must.. also I love the sound of water flow. I have fountain in my room, it’s feels so cool and positive vibes all around

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