10 Ways to become a great Dad

Being a new parent, especially a father, is overwhelming. While there are many who are there to hand hold a woman as she transitions into a mother, the poor man is left stranded alone. In my own husband’s words, he was not ready. Well, he had held babies before but to have one of his own, was, a different ball game altogether. Although there are many ways to become a great father, 10 Ways to become a great Dad is just an endeavour to let you know the simplest ways of not just becoming a father, but rather much more than that to your child. 

10 Ways to become a great Dad

Who’s my hero? That’s a great question… Well, I think my dad is my hero because he’s someone I look up to every day  -Tom Brady

Men worry about dirty diapers, all night crying, not able to bond well with their newborn… but let me tell you; fatherhood is much MORE than that. Your baby will not be really small for a very long time and before you realize it, he will be ready to start school and then walk into college or probably for his first interview. 

1. Don’t think much 

Easier said than done? but seriously, the more you think, the more you actually make it complicated. Go with the flow and let your instincts take over. When you over think, you create problems, where there are no problems. You will learn things as days pass by. Participate in the daily chores of bringing up your child. Get involved in the process right from the prenatal process. 

2. Bond with the baby

The easiest way to bond with your baby is to give your wife some rest. believe me, your wife needs all the rest she needs. Moms usually remain stressed, since they do not have a helping hand. Let her sleep some more time, while you take the baby for a stroll. Try to change the diaper or try to put the baby to sleep. These are some basic things that can done. 

3. Take some time out every day ONLY for children

When you get home, you probably do not want any noise and want some rest. But remember this is the ONLY time when your kids actually wait for you to come home and spend time with them. Sit and talk to them, ask how was their day. Read a book or sing your child’s favorite song with matching actions. On weekends, spend as much time as possible. Take them out or do things that you loved to do with your father.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. George Herbert

4. Love your wife

What ? Did that sound corny? If you want to become a great father, make sure you become a great husband first. Apparently, good husbands make good fathers too. Spouses that are stressed, generally are unable to nurture their children well, as the stress trickles down to children and daily house routine. Your children need to see a rock-solid home and that can ONLY begin with you being a great husband. This is my favorite in the list of 10 Ways to become a great Dad

5. Be Patient

After a long day at work, it is very easy to lose your temper and patience with children. However, letting yourself to respond in violence or frustration is not the best thing for your kid, and you must recognize that. Practice patience with your child and your attachment with your child will only grow over the long run.

10 Ways to become a great Dad

6. Don’t be Absent 

You will find that if you really try to be a father,

your child will meet you halfway.   

Just bearing a child, does not make anyone a mother or a father. It is the little involvements in their lives that make you the father. Unless and until it is very important that you miss their special days, always be present. Value the time you spend with them as SACRED. Your children will grow up before you even realize, and so you want to spend as much time as with them as possible. 

7. Limit technology

As much as technology is required for our daily life, limit it when you are with your children. Too much of technology limits your child’s and your imagination and you end up having NO idea of how to spend time with your children. 

8. Learn to Say NO and stick to it

Of course, you have always wished best for your children and you want to give them whatever you can, but there should always be limits. Parents who do not set limits are going to have kids with behavior predicaments, who face obstacles when they grow up. Teach them that your “NO” is determined, but only say “no” when you really feel that a limit needs to be set. 

9. Teach them to be Independent 

While it is easier for you to take control of things and do things on your own, its worth in the long run that you teach independence to your child right from the beginning. I know this may sound harsh, but let’s be practical. Children who are independent grow up and become confident individuals. Also, when kids are independent, it leads to loads of time-saving.

10. Love them unconditionally

Last, but not the last in the list of 10 Ways to become a great Dad is Your children need to know from their soul that there is NOTHING that can be unloved them from you. You are their ROCK today and always and they CAN look up to you for EVERYTHING in their life. When children have that belief, they gain superpower strength to achieve and bring their dreams to reality.

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms

when his hands are empty.

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  1. This is such a lovely post. I will show this to my husband so that he is trained to experience this phase in our lives 🙂 I am yet to experience motherhood!
    #OpenNTalk #InvincibleGang

  2. That was so heartwarming post Princy. Loved the way you have shown the importance of a father in a child’s life.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week2

  3. As you rightly said its not easy for a dad, just like its tough for a mom. Being a role model for your child and being a friend more than anything with whom they can talk anything and everything without inhibitions is what sets the tone for a lifelong bond which is unbreakable #BloggerBabes #OpenNTalk

  4. Dads generally tend to be cut off from their kids… these tips are going to be very helpful for new age dads who wanna develop a strong bond with their babies!

  5. Superb post, Princy. It’s very rare that we see any posts dedicated towards dads. They play an almost similar role like a mother but lack encouragement to try things out their own way. Hopefully, this post will help dads out there to fight the myths & come out of their cocoon.

  6. That’s a wonderful post, being a dad is also super special and neglected at times. Thankfully my husband is a great dad and my son’s iron man

  7. That was such a wonderful read.
    Thanks for those amazing tips which according to me every father need to read and follow .

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