Overthinking kills Happiness

We all over think! Period. Sometimes the most trivial of issues take place in our mind and just keeps running all day. The result? We remain cranky, irate, snappy all day. If you have never realized before – this is a truth bomb for YOU. Overthinking kills Happiness and Overthinking has never helped anyone achieve anything. 

As human beings, we search our happiness ONLY during an event, maybe on some occasion, when we succeed,  when we are financially independent or some other positive achievements in our life takes place. For some of us, happiness cannot be fathomed if it is not something special and that is why Overthinking kills Happiness. 

Overthinking involves you to be reflecting more about a single issue with more emotions of your body dedicated to a single or many issues. The more you over think the more you will worry about small issues which will make you very depressed when big issues actually occur and hence Overthinking kills Happiness even in small ways. 

Overthinking kills Happiness

I am not sure about you, but personally, it created havoc in my life. My mind used to wander to the extremes of a situation and I would stay there unless the situation got out of hand, I was sick and tired of myself for doing the worst I could do to myself. I was nervous, demotivated and had no sense of hope. 

Having said all the above, you may be contemplating about the thought, Thinking is fundamental. It is something we do all the time, consciously and subconsciously, and it’s what pushes us to train ourselves in all aspects of life. However, too much of anything is bad and so is thinking. Some of you may argue that thinking helps us plan things, be cautious about things. BUT does thinking about the same things 50 times over change anything?

Why does Overthinking kills Happiness?

> Insecurity –

Overthinking tends to leave you feeling insecure. Feeling unsure about a situation is not a happy place to be in. The more you replay a situation, it tends to consume you, that you may also become paranoid at one time.

> Breeds Skepticism –

If you keep playing the same doubt in your mind over and over, you may find it very tough to believe anything or yourself for that matter. Self-doubt is a BIG culprit and it hampers your growth and development. For any change, you first need to believe in yourself and your visions. 

> Desperate attempts –

Sometimes due to a wrong result of a situation in the past, we try to be over-cautious. We plan, plan again and replant. You’re literally thinking of every credible situation in your head and keep playing it again and again.

Overthinking kills Happiness

You may think that what you’re doing is focusing on the one or few situations where you hurt, but replaying the same situation does not determine what is going to happen next. This only launches you in a cycle of the same circumstances you have already been through to comfort that you have a right to worry

> Hopeless Situation –

You continuously find yourself hopeless in situations. You have no way forward because you have been playing the same situation over and over in your mind, which has the same sad ending.

> Unable to face fears –

I remember I was scared to drive. Just the thought of holding a 2-wheeler used to give me sleepless nights. I only thought that used to cross my mind, what if I fall and bruise myself! What if I break a leg? I just could not bring myself to even try. I did not have what it took to face my fear and I could not see anything beyond it. This is what exactly happens when one overthinks unnecessarily. You cannot across your fear. So, here It just did not kill your ability to see beyond the positive but also Overthinking kills Happiness.

> Happiness is temporary –

Yes, Happiness and Overthinking. For someone who overthinks, maybe happiness is non-existent. Even after attaining multiple successes in life, they are still incomplete. They cannot imagine a life where there is no worry, stress, disappointment, failures and so they keep replaying these parts multiple times in their mind and ultimately Overthinking kills Happiness.

> Losing perception of the truth – 

You get so hooked up in your entangled insights and sentiments that you become apathetic to people, places, and things surrounding you. 

How can you stop overthinking ?

Overthinking kills Happiness

1) Acknowledge the fact that you over think and you need help to stop it and come out of the situation

2) Call someone who you feel near to and ask their perception about the situation

3) Let them dissect it for you and explain to you the situation. A fresh perspective may change your thinking

4) Focus on something else, as soon your mind starts wandering and over thinking

5) Think positive, and positive outcomes

6) Be happy deliberately. Things like meditation, dancing, walking, learning to play an instrument, drawing, and painting can keep you from the issues enough to shut down the reanalysis.

7) Don’t jump for perfection – You are OK the way you are. Striving for perfection is nonsensical and illogical. The moment you start thinking “This needs to be perfect” is the moment you need to know perfection cannot be attained. You can never start if you keep waiting for perfection

8) You cannot foresee the future – As I mentioned above, overthinking kills happiness. Overthinking is not going to give you guaranteed results and you can never ever prophesy the result, even if you play the same situation a 1000 times again.

Overthinking is something that can occur to anyone and at any time. If you have a great system for dealing with it you can at least keep away some of the negative, worried, stressful thoughts and turn it into something positive, fruitful, and useful.

Thank you for reading and knowing more about Overthinking kills Happiness

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14 thoughts on “Overthinking kills Happiness

  1. Never once do we give a fleeting thought to such an essential topic. You have discussed here the root cause of all our despair. We truly need to focus on unfocusing on matters that don’t deserve our attention.

  2. Honestly speaking, I can relate with this post. There was a time when I used to over think. I became lazy, irritating and demotivated. I couldn’t do anything or diverted my mind on something. I became unhappy about myself. At that point of this I started blogging to be engaged in what I love.

  3. Overthinking is dangerous, I do it too. Somehow trying to cope up diverting my mind in doing things which I love to do 🙂 like cook food, listen to music and blog or write. It kinda helps to overcome everything. Well-written post dear 🙂 I love the way you choose these sensitive topics for your blog!

  4. A veey pertinent post in this day and age.Interestingly overthibking is my secret weakness and by forceful positive thinking I can survive.Great post.

  5. The title itself got me thinking that I need to change my habit of overthinking, mostly when it comes to family. Moderation of thoughts is really very important and keeping it clutter free is must for happiness. Cheers to this post Princy!

  6. I totally agree with you. Over thinking is so stressful and it’s so difficult to think about anything else at that time. It only gets more stressful. I over think some times too but keeping myself busy and distracted is the only way I find a bit of relief.

  7. True that overthinking kills happiness but at times it’s difficult to keep calm and stop thinking. What I do is pray to Almighty and try to divert my mind by being busy in other works?

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