Coping with Stress

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Stress is a real killer, that too a silent one. Everyone faces stress from time to time, depending on their circumstances and situations. Stress in long-term may have an adverse effect on health and hence Coping with Stress is essential to have a happy fulfilling life. Read on to know more about Coping with Stress.

Coping with Stress

What is Stress?

Stress is a common emotional and bodily acknowledgment to our daily demands of life. The response and feeling of being overloaded with pressure can turn into stress which you may feel are unable to cope. While some level of stress can be a reason of motivation for some, the same level may confound someone else and hence Coping with Stress is essential. 

What happens when you are stressed?

When you are stressed, your body’s nervous system releases a surge of tension hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This stress response causes your heart to beat faster, breathing to become fast, blood pressure to increase and muscles to contract. 

Constant stress can cause your body to remain in an increased state of nervousness, fatigue, and anxiety most of the time. This leads to lower immunity, digestive and reproductive problems. May also caused increased ging in some and a higher uncertainty of heart attack and stroke. Stress can also make you more exposed to mental issues like depression and anxiety.

Stress can be caused by work, home, school, major life changes, relationship difficulties, or financial problems. Coping with Stress and knowing how to go about it develops your overall ability to handle stress. 

Symptoms that you are stressed –

  • unable to sleep properly
  • migraine attacks, unexplained headaches
  • cervical 
  • sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • feeling lonely, worthless, not able to do anything worthwhile
  • worrying unnecessarily
  • loss of interest in any activities
  • not able to concentrate

Ways to cope with stress

Understand what triggers stress – 

Everyone has different stress trigger points. Try and figure out what situation, circumstance, event stresses you out. Is your stress related to work, relationships, children, family, finances or your health? Once you have identified the real cause, it will be easier for you to work towards a solution. 

Find ways that can help you cope with stress –

Every person has a different reaction to difficult situations in their life. These reactions are unique as you are. While some cope with stress by listening to music, hanging out with their family/friends, going out for a drive or going out for a small vacation. Try writing, dancing or learning a new skill may also help you cope with stress.

Reach out to someone –

The biggest issue comes with people struggling with stress is that they think they have the situation under control. They do not want to talk to anyone and stay aloof leaving them susceptible to mental health issues. Reach out to friends, family, work colleagues – anyone who can hear you.

Include a workout regime into your schedule –

It is a known fact that a workout helps lifts up moods and can help you cope with stress. Any physical activity ensures that it lowers stress as well as uplifts the overall quality of life. You can either join a gym, workout at home or do any physical activity that keeps you busy for at least 40 minutes.

Go out when possible –

I have personally experienced this, that when I spend more time at home I tend to get stressed. Just going to nearby market, park even for half an hour changes mood drastically. If you have kids, talk to them or play a game of ball with them. I sometimes watch animation movies as well, just to take off the heat of the stress. Plan your grocery list and go out in the evenings to get them.

Say NO often –

People probably do not realize this, but when we take up more responsibilities than we can handle, it becomes stressful. You may remain agitated all the time since you are unable to do more as you expected. Learn to say NO when you can / should. Check how much can you actually do. 

Make time for yourself –

Making time for yourself is extremely important. You do not need to keep working all day. Give yourself a break by listening to your favorite song, or watching a sitcom of your choice. Laugh your heart out. Give yourself a retail therapy when you can, or get a spa, massage for yourself. 

Manage your time –

This is probably the biggest mistake that many people do in their lives. Managing your time well is essential to coping with stress. Make a timetable, jot down your to-do list – do whatever you think will help you manage and do your work efficiently. 

Coping with Stress

Although many people can suggest many tips and tricks to coping with stress, in the end, it is YOU and YOU alone who has to take appropriate steps. Acknowledging and laying a plan that works depends on your ability to understanding what you are going through. 

Thank you for reading and knowing more about Coping with Stress

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19 thoughts on “Coping with Stress

  1. We have to find out own ways to release stress… Stress is harmful for body and soul as well. Think positive, be self-motivated and do believe on self love.

  2. Since you cant avoid stress, the next best thing is to deal with it. As suggested by you, one should definitely reach out – either talk to someone or seek professional help.

  3. You know what I admire the most is that you and many other wonderful bloggers have taken up the cause to illuminate people on this sensitive topic ?

  4. Stress is unhealthy many know about it. But it is often ignored too. the after effects and coping mechanism is less talked. Hope many people come across this post and get aware. Good one.

  5. I have felt almost all the mentioned things that are listed as symptoms of stress. Recently I had a series of a Migraine and so by hook or crook I had to take a break.

  6. I usually don’t have sound sleep whenever I’m stressed. Yeah Agree with you that taking a break from our daily routine can helps a lot in managing stress

  7. I usually get migraine pains and cervical pain too and it sometimes get unbearable. I should definitely get ,my stress level checked and practice some ways to reduce it. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea it could be because of stress.

  8. Thanx for this wonderful post…normally people are unable to figure out that they are going through stress..eventually it ends up in heart problem..

  9. Stress is something you cant avoid, but we should have to find out some ways to release stress. When I feel stressed, I play and dance with my son, I do ideation for my blog photoshoot, I browse online shopping portals. These are my stress busters. You have to find out your own ways to deal with Stress.

  10. This is a much-needed topic, as most of the people are dealing with stress. I am glad you come up with such a topic will gonna try to spread this post to everyone

  11. Stress is something which has actually been inbuilt in the life we live these days. Reaching out to friends and family and diverting with some passionate activities is what I do when m stressed.

  12. Stress has become a common a problem these days yet people pay the minimum amount of attention towards it. Thank you for sharing such important informations regarding stress with us. Hopefully, people will realize the importance of taking proper care of themselves in order to cope with stress.

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