Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh

There’s nothing like baby skin – I am sure you would agree! I remember the first time I held my babies in my hand and I was amazed by how soft their skin is. Did you know that a baby’s skin is 2 times more delicate than an adult’s skin? Well, that is why precisely you should be using – Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh.

Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh

Some of the key features of these wipes are –

  • Comes with a moisture lock lid
  • 99% water wipes
  • 100% Biodegradable Wipes.
  • Un scented and thick baby wipes
  • Made for Sensitive skin/Extra gentle
  • Medical-Grade fabric
  • Suitable for hand and mouth cleaning
  • Reasonably priced

When your baby is born, they are still at a developing stage. Their body and brain undergo a leap of development as they grow.

Substances, perfumes, and dyes in clothes, cleansers, and few baby products may cause skin irritation, skin dryness, irritation, and redness. 

Your baby’s skin is at a developing stage and hence it becomes utmost important that we give them the most gentle and best care . 

How to take care of your newborn skin?

  1. Do not bathe them every day – Bathing them everyday rips their skin of natural oils that protect your baby
  2. Avoid unscented products – Use products that are free from any dyes or perfumes as this may cause unnecessary irritation to your baby’s skin
  3. Wash your baby’s clothes – Use only newborn laundry cleansers that are a scent and dye-free. Wash baby clothes, bedclothes, and blankets individually and not with family’s laundry.

Mother Sparsh believes that your baby deserves the best and hence it has yet again launched its all-new Extra Gentle and Thick Baby wipes for your baby. 

Mother Sparsh, India’s Wipes Brand, has launched premium 99% Water based Baby Wipes featuring Medical Grade Cloth.

What is Medical Grade Cloth?

The materials that are designed to come in contact with a human body are tested for biocompatibility and protection to receive the “medical grade” designation.

Materials are tested for –

  • Toughness
  • Clearness
  • Purity
  • Transportability
  • Versatility

The new Mother Sparsh Wipes are made of Extra thick fabric ( 3 times thicker than ordinary baby wipes) and is plant made/derived from plant pulp. These fragrance-free gentle wipes are specifically intended for newborns, babies with delicate skin and for your active toddlers.

Mother Sparsh understands that babies and toddlers love to play and while doing so, get themselves dirty. The wipes are easy to carry and are travel-friendly. 

Where can you use Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Wipes?

Baby wipes have converted into an indispensable part of daily life for several families. They can come handy when –

  1. Unexpected burp by your baby
  2. Wiping their face, hands, and legs
  3. Gentle care for your baby’s intimate parts
  4. Wipe them fresh after poop or pee
  5. Alternate water bath with a gentle wipe clean
  6. Get rid of any sand, salt water at a beach easily
  7. Use them as a sanitizer before putting your baby down at a public place

Thank you for reading and knowing more about Extra Gentle and Thick Baby wipes for your baby

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25 thoughts on “Sensitive baby wipes with No Perfume: Premium Baby Wipes Launched By Mother Sparsh

  1. I love these new improved wipes from Mother Sparsh. The fact , as mentioned by you, that these are fragrant free and are made of medical grade cloth makes them an apt choice to use for babies.

  2. Thanks for sharing the amazing news. Indeed unscented wipes and 99% water based sounds like a good and safe option for baby skincare regime

  3. Babies deserve the very best! and this sounds like a very good product for a baby.
    Extra gentle and tested!
    I like that these are water based and biodegradable!
    A win win – good for the child and the environment.

  4. Amazing and beautiful post. Mother Sparsh is the trusted brand. Mother Sparsh’s 99 % Water Wipes are absolutely safe and secure. It is 3 times thicker than normal wipes. Great thoughts.

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