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Motherhood, by all means, is a roller-coaster. A ride with its own share of ups and downs. When I became a mother 10 years ahgo, like many mothers – I also wanted the best for my children. 

I wanted to keep working, but then somewhere the guilt of not being able to “be there” for my son kept building up in me. So, when my second born, my daughter was born, I decided, its time to give my work a break and just be home and enjoy being a mother. 

Joys of being a mother

Yes, I was probably judged, but that did not matter – because now, I could finally spend as much time as I wanted with my children. 

As my kids grew, my urge of going back to work started building up again, but then I did not want to fall into the same guilt trap again and so the Stay at home – Working mother was born. 

Here are 6 things that I did to start working again but from home – 


At the onset of things, I had no idea what I could or could not do. I checked with some friends – who gave me some vague ideas. Some of them were data entry, starting my boutique, going back to studies, pursue B.ed and become a teacher in the school – but seriously they never resonated with me.

Read online

I read all the possible blogs/articles to understand how a stay at home mother could start something of her own


I became a member of every mom/parenting group there was on Facebook to abreast myself with all the new things that were happening around me. This is where I actually found out my real calling – which is blogging and parenting


Trying to build a network and getting to know people, is a part of growing up and it is necessary that we get to know like-minded people more. 


As I started to write, for the first few months – I wrote where ever I could for free, just to let people know about my work. I started getting associated with multiple platforms, where I could showcase my work.


One thing – that I learned through my journey was that building a name for yourself is not easy. In fact, I still struggle sometimes – but I am happy I took the step to be someone. I am just not a wife or a mother. I am more than that and people recognize me by my work and name. 

Although this journey was not easy – then what’s life – if there are no twists and turns. 

If you are one of the mothers – who also want to work from home, but have no idea – how and where to start, try to follow these steps. Also, let me know what worked for you?

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3 thoughts on “Stay at home – Working mother

  1. My story is quite different. I entered the blogging world only after marriage and the biggest city swap to another new world. Hubby was adamant to start something of my own and my blog came into existence. I so wish to do the same during pregnancy 🙂
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  2. Must have indeed been a challenge to find out and make your way through the research. So happy to read it worked out for you!

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