‘PNB Metlife Junior Badminton Championship – Encouraging and opening avenues for junior badminton enthusiasts

As a parent, one of the things that really concerns is me is the health of our children physically, mentally and emotionally. In this mobile age – children are more drawn towards a video game, rather than sweating it out and playing outside.

Playing any game, helps children boost their confident, helps them develop social skills and inculcates in them a spirit of sportsmanship. It also helps develop a robust immune system.

Badminton – second largest played game in India

Badminton is a widespread sport in India and you probably might not know, but it is the second most played sport in India. It is managed in India by Badminton Association of India. Indian badminton players like – Saina Nehwal, K. Srikanth and P.V. Sindhu are ranked among the top-10 in current BWF ranking and need no introduction at all.

PNB Metlife Junior Badminton Championship

PNB Metlife in association organizes Junior Badminton Championship every year. The aim of the championship is to reach the grass-root level and encourage children to showcase their badminton skills. By providing a strong platform, PNB Metlife, in association with CRY NGO, targets to endorse fitness and health amid children by piloting nation-wide badminton competitions connecting underprivileged children and badminton enthusiasts.

With an aim to create a social impact, Junior Badminton Championship is associated with CRY (Child Rights and You), as a CSR partner. Over the past 4 ½ years, as a part of its CSR initiative, PNB MetLife has been providing exposure to underprivileged children. They are provided annual scholarships across India for both training and coaching.

PNB MetLife Junior Badminton Championship is accepted and recognized by Badminton Association of India (BAI) & is open for all junior badminton players from 5 to 17 years old. In its 5th year, PNB MetLife JBC will be played across 10 cities, viz. New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Lucknow, Guwahati, Ahmedabad and Kochi.

The organizers – JBC Sports India

The matches are being played in four age categories which are – Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17 for boys and girls. From every city, JCB has received 1000 children who want to compete in this companionship.

The top two children from each category and from every city competition will continue to the national finale, which will be held in New Delhi. The children will get a chance to be applauded and congratulated with the National Title by famous Indian Badminton Player – P.V. Sindhu.

In 2019, JBC aims to reach around 8000 budding badminton players across the country and make a deeper impact by touching the aspirant’s life

I was fortunate enough to get a closer look at this championship in its full form, while spending time conversing with parents and participants at this event.

Parent’s Verdict

I talked to Mrs – B.R. Meenakshi, who was at the championship with her daughter. She has been a badminton player herself and had wonderful thoughts about the JBC. She mentioned that times have drastically changed and children are now more aware and attuned to their likings. As parents, it’s important that we understand their likes and encourage them towards their goal. She was in praise of the event and the way things have been managed.

A proud father and countryman, who serves in Navy – Commander Jitendra mentioned that this platform is a wonderful initiative and cause for children to come together and showcase their skill. He mentioned positive pointers about the championship

  • The event always started on time and it was managed well
  • It gives an opportunity for children to showcase their talents
  • Gives a clear cut vision to the child, as to how they can proceed with this game and how they can grow
  • The food was provided for participants
  • He also mentioned that in today’s world – where many kids spend their time on mobiles, engaging them in a sports activity is excellent. It nurtures them physically, emotionally and keeps them away from things – they should NOT be engaging in
  • He specially mentioned that in families where there is an only child – involving them in sports was essential to keep the child busy.
  • Wonderful platform for exposure, training
  • Children are able to balance sports and studies. They just need enough encouragement from their parents and families
  • He was also very happy that school that his daughter goes to support the child.

Talking to participants about their experiences – they mentioned that tournament was organized well, it was a wonderful platform for beginners – who get a chance to see other people play and improve their game. Also, they shared their dreams of playing for India one day.

As a parent, I was overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm of parents and participants. It was great to see the competitive spirit This platform that strives to unmask young talent and help build a strong base for children being sponsored by PNB MetLife, in association with Momspresso.

As part of the organization’s pledge to take Badminton to the grassroots, this year JBC has reached a one-step higher with the launch of its JBC Boot Camp. This is a tailored YouTube channel to assist promising Badminton enthusiasts. It boasts of sessions from advocates like P.V. Sindhu, U. Vimal Kumar, Vijay Lancy, Anup Sridhar and many more.

Know more about the event or register – check out https://www.pnbmetlifejbc.com/

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25 thoughts on “‘PNB Metlife Junior Badminton Championship – Encouraging and opening avenues for junior badminton enthusiasts

  1. This actually a great start/platform for the talented badminton players. India actually need kids and players that make sports there profession and bring India medals.

  2. My family is rooted in sports. My father has played for India in Asian boxing championships. I, myself, am a trained athlete. But I always wanted to learn Badminton but alas at that time such competition and such encouragement was less. This is great way ahead

  3. Other than cricket Sports in our country has not been taken that seriously till recently. Its a big step from Pnb Netlife that they are encouraging future badminton stars with this championship.

  4. It is necessary to include sports in every kids life since childhood. It gives them a sense of realization to accept winning moments or failures, adds a boost to their confidence level, they rectify their mistakes as well. I feel bad for not taking badminton to other levels during my school days. PNB MetLife, in association with Momspresso, is doing a great job for children 🙂

      1. First I want to say thanks to you for sharing about this championship. I am also concerned about my kids health and hg Ave believe that outdoor activities are must for them. Will surely share this with my friends.

  5. As a mother of two, I am very excited to watch when my daughter plays any tournamnet and it’s important for kids to play physical games today ..Such a great initiative for kids!!

  6. That’s a great opportunity `for children. This will create a good habit of balancing between study & sport. There should be more activities and platforms like this. I appreciate you wrote about it. Very useful!

  7. Really liked junior badminton enthusiasts as this looks good initiative. Children are engaged in social media today, to avoid these activities, this badminton nurtures them physically, emotionally and keeps them away from things.

    It also gives an opportunity for children to showcase their talents

  8. It’s great for kids to be involved in sports. It can help them spend all their pent-up energy and it’s a great way of giving exercise to the body. It’s good that there is an organization like this to nurture budding badminton players.

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