Lock down Kids Fun With ZEE5

As the schools remain closed, children are at home and as parents, we do everything to keep them engaged. I am sure we keep finding creative ways to keep our kids engaged. I found definite infotainment in Lockdown Kids Fun With ZEE5

Children should be playing, cycling, running around, but unfortunately, these are different times when it’s better to remain home, safe, and sound. 

Lockdown Kids Fun With ZEE5

As much as I try to keep my kids away from technology, I do let them watch educational infotainment every day. I remember in my childhood days, how we used to love classic animation series and movies.

ZEE5, Zee Group’s over-the-top (OTT) platform, announced the launch of ZEE5 Kids, an offering exclusively for children, providing more than 4,000 hours of entertainment content and the best part is It is available free of cost for all users.

Source – ZEE5

Various Genre’s and Languages 

This amazing platform incorporates varied genres, languages, formats, and age-group based curations for kids, the company said in a statement. ZEE5 Kids offer a library spread across multiple languages.

So, it does not matter from which part of the country your child is – he sure will find a show in his favorite language. The shows are available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and Bhojpuri.

Source – ZEE5

Most of the time when my children start watching TV, there is always bound to happen a fight, since both my children have different interests. ZEE5 took this thought also into consideration as there is something for every child on the block.

Whether your child is interested in action and adventure to drama, comedy, mythology, inspiration, superhero, fantasy & some of the best collections of classic kids movies.

Source – ZEE5

Favorite Classic English Movies

Source – ZEE5

Movie – Cinderella

Genre’ – Animation, Family, Fantasy

Cinderella (1950) is the characteristic fairy tale that has survived a change in generation after generation. I saw, heard, and loved this in my childhood days, and now my children really like the story.

This classic story of a girl bullied by her step-mother and step-sister is very common and has made a way into our hearts for years. Under these trying and very difficult environments, a ragged and abandoned Cinderella doesn’t stand much of a chance of attending the King’s royal ball. Her hopes of meeting the handsome Prince may probably never come true. — unless she turns to her affectionate Fairy Godmother who has quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

Source – ZEE5

The Disney touch is obvious in every scene and makes this delightful combination of comedy, music, and romance a film with timeless appeal.

The final phase of the movie is filled with magic, adventure, and a happy ending, which children absolutely loved. Revisiting this classic English movie on ZEE5 refreshed so many of my own childhood memories.

Movie -Christopher’s Dreams (1992)

Source – ZEE5

Christopher Columbus is a boy who is from Genoa who wants to become a sailor. Since he was so committed towards his dreams, he decides to go to Lisbon to learn everything about marine science, and his chief wish is to enter the navigation school which is an accomplishment that can’t be easily done by a foreigner.

This beautiful movie shows Christopher’s will to learn and his courage to pursue his long term life wish to become a sailor. This movie is not only an inspiration but also a delight to watch with the family on Zee5

Source – ZEE5

I love how I get to enjoy these shows with my children. ZEE5 has become our one-stop destination where we as a family spend quality time with our children and ensure that our little ones are entertained as well as engaged.

Watch your Favorite classic English movies here

Let’s help our children make the lockdown a bit more fun and filled with entertainment with #NonStopBachFUN


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