7 powerful ways to love yourself today

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Happy V-Day! The cute patootie day of love. While I see the world go bonkers go around me, I am sitting here typing about a new-found love. Love for myself! A love for what I do, A love for me – unapologetically ME!

So selfish? Centered all about me! Hear me out … before you judge me!

Why is self-love misunderstood?

Most of us are born to think and have been fed that we are the bearing light of sacrifice and everyone just has to come FIRST, but US.

We tend to assign anything to do with our own thoughts and feelings as selfish, especially if our thinking is slightly out of the standard. Despite being of absolute importance — it is a topic that is often neglected and even more often mistaken/misunderstood in our society.

Since I started blogging, I have found topics, that I feel really close to and feel extremely strongly about. This is by far one of my preferred subjects and yet I am still discovering about it every day.

I knew about this for years, yet it continued just that — a mysterious concept in my head with no idea on how to carry out it in life. And for some reason finding it out was not important and NOT on my preference list. Probably because nobody told me just how valuable it really is. 

The Importance of Self-love

Aside from just making you feel good, self-love can benefit your life in many ways, too:

  • You feel satisfied with your life – Appreciating the little things in your life helps you appreciate your life. When you continue to hold yourself in high esteem, you tend to have more happiness and a positive attitude toward the future.
  • Better Mental Health. Most mental health issues can be resolved quickly or are less likely to happen for people who love themselves. 
  • Reduction in Stress and Development in Performance. Self-love is known to reduce stress and reduces performance anxiety around deadlines. You are better equipped to handle stress and come out with flying colors. 
  • Able to Deal With Negative situations. People who practice self-love bounce from trouble faster than those who immerse themselves in cribbing and bitterness. You can’t control what life brings to you, but you can manage how you react. 

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7 powerful ways to love yourself today

  1. Let go of people who are bitter to you – Easier said than done? Yes, I completely agree. You really cannot let some relations go. BUT you know what you can do? Create a boundary around yourself. Restrict your space and if necessary – let the other person know about the same. 
  2. Let go of your past – This is a killer. I say this from my personal experience. The only way to move forward is to let go of your past. Learn the lesson that it gave you but forget what happened. Forgive the other person and give a second, third, heck even a fourth chance. People change. They always do; and If the other person does not change, it is OK. You make your peace and move on. 
  3. Please do not compare – Comparison is the best way to bring misery to your life. Someone will always have a better house, car, lifestyle, travel to exotic destinations. When you scroll through Instagram or Facebook – it may seem tough to see other people get it all, but you know what? – cribbing or getting jealous is not getting you anywhere either. Instead, be grateful for what you have and believe that you can have better. 
  4. List of things you are thankful for – The most successful people have one thing common in them, that we mostly miss or do not practice. They always live in an attitude of gratitude. For everything they have, they are extremely grateful. Make YOUR list today, in fact NOW. Look at it and thank Almighty / positive force that you believe in for the blessings you have in your life. Do this every day at least twice. 
  5. Positivity attracts Positivity – Create a group of people who believe and support you. People who are always positive and have good to say. Do you know you actually become the company you keep! Notice what kind of people surround you? 
  6. Nourish your soul – I have seen many people who are content with how much they know. Have an attitude of learning. Broaden your horizon. Read books and listen to podcasts. The more knowledge you get, your horizon and vision become broader. You start thinking out of your limited set of learned things. You become wiser and better. Each year, a new version of you emerges.
  7. Make time for yourself – Whether you have time for yourself or not, if you cannot do this, you are not justifying your being. PLEASE Give a break to yourself. Do what you like – for a change. Take a break, Pause and just be!

The power lies within you!

No one in this world can be good for you unless you are good to yourself. Learn to accept your flaws and grow through them.

Remember – when you fall sick, No one else can take your medicines to feel better. You have to step up and do this for yourself. You are entitled to be loved, cared for, pampered and have an abundant life. 

Even if you end up with the best partner on the planet, this person cannot make YOU happy and feel loved unless YOU create the space for it inside by practicing self-love. This is why self-love is an inside job. Start today because you are totally worth it!


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13 thoughts on “7 powerful ways to love yourself today

  1. Love your points! Self-love is the most positive concept for happiness and I wish more people understood it. Not comparing is the best gift to give ourselves.

  2. This is certainly a great post but there are some points that are difficult to be done than said. there are some webs in these points thaat one feels stuck.

  3. Absolutely loved reading this, much-needed motivation this was. I agree, often comparing ourself with others bring us down and somehow I think social media is increasing this comparison mania with other’s life. Positive thoughts definitely bring more positivity in our life.

  4. Yes!! Positivity is something which can really bring a lot of change in life…if we start our day with positive change we will be happy more..Loved the post

  5. What a wonderful post this is. Self love is indeed important. There is do much negativitiy in this world sometimes, especially weird people but I always look past all this as it only will make my life better and increase my happiness. So yes it’s good to nourish your soul with positivity always as the power lies with you.

  6. You are right- the power does indeed lie within us. We are responsible for our happiness and there’s no better way to achieve that than the useful tips you have shared here.

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